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Louis McGuire
Speakeasy EP  

SUPPLY-009 / 12" / 2014

Release Date : Fall 2014   
A1)   Speakeasy
A2)   In The Trick Bag

B1)   Let Me Tell You
B2)   Acrasia
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Supply Records welcomes a new member to the family! Leeds native Louis McGuire has been living in Berlin for the past ten years where he and Soren from Supply crossed paths. Louis is a multi- instrumentalist already involved in several other musical projects- beween drumming and producing for indie pop group Ballet School and playing bass in Maayan Nidam's rock project The Waves & Us, it's time to let him shine on his own.

Banging house productions, pure and simple. No-compromise, anthem level chord progressions, a drummer's taste for rhythm programming and the instinct of a live performer all come together in this EP. Acrasia, the EP's extended closing track, shows Louis' performative side as his live recorded drumming recalls one of his many performances and jam sessions in Berlin's live music circuit.
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