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Specialize EP  

SUPPLY-001 / 12" / 2011

Release Date : 9/12/11   
A1)   Specialize
A2)   Day To Night
A3)   Jump On It

B1)   Progress
B2)   Your Love
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B-tracks, aka Soren Jahan & John Barera release their debut EP on their new imprint. The two musicians and record collectors worked together to make 'Specialize', a rolling house cut made for the dancefoor & road tested at their gigs. With 'Day To Night,' they go deep with a warm and melodic tune that still makes you get up. Their rough and ready production style continues to shine in house workout 'Jump On it'.

On the flip,'Progress' is a relentless techno cut with a raw analog sound and a mind of its own. Finishing off the record is 'Your Love', a climactic and synth driven track in the spirit of early electronic dance music.
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