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John Barera is a DJ/Producer & Label owner based in Brooklyn, NY. His musical style weaves between techno, acid, house and electro. Barera has played at clubs and events around the US and Europe including Public Works, Smart Bar, Panorama Bar, Fabric, Razzmatazz, Maassilo, Love Saves The Day, Tresor, Motion Bristol, Hot Mass, Institut fuer Zukunft, Tangent Gallery, Output, Good Room and many others.
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His productions have been released on various labels including Allergy Season, Argot, Episodes & Just Jack. Most notably, John’s debut album 'Graceless' was released on Dolly alongside Will Martin in 2014. Their new album ’Proceed to the Root’ is due out on 2MR in September 2017. John is the head of Supply Records alongside Soren Jahan - a vinyl only imprint featuring an eclectic range of house and techno. Together they produce under the name B-Tracks. Barera also founded a techno/acid focused party and label with Volvox called Jack Dept. The coveted Brooklyn monthly began at Bossa Nova Civic Club in 2014 and the first releases came in 2016.

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